The King Crab ( A Little Seafood History )

King Crabs, also called Stone crabs, are a superfamily of crab mainly found in cold seas. Because of their large size  and the taste of the meat, many species are widely caught and sold as food. The king crab usually feeds off of starfish and smaller crabs, but if they are not available, the king crab will feed off of dead animals that will fall into the water. The species that some of these crabs have are used to deter predators.


The  Golden King crabs,  the red King crab and the blue King crab  are the three main tops of King crab.

The Golden King Crab:

These  crabs are found in the waters  near Alaska and are the smallest of the King crabs.  They are found in deeper water  then the red crab.

The Blue King Crab:

The largest numbers  of the blue King crab are found in Bristol Bay just off Alaska’s coast.  These King crabs are some of the largest King crabs in the world. Because it looks and tastes like the red crabs, it is often sold as the red King crab by mistake.

The Red King Crab:

These crabs can be found in the Bering Sea  and have very sweet meat.  These crabs were placed into the European Arctic,  and it has become overly populated with them.


Sign red crabs had been measured at 11 inches,  while there  have been blue crabs that have laid up to 18 pounds.  The Golden King crab can weigh up to 8 pounds.