Shrimp are among the most popular of our shellfish; they are tender and white-meated and have a distinctive flavor. Today they are available fresh, frozen, cooked, canned, and freeze dried.

The various kinds of shrimp, which varies from a greenish gray to reddish brown, depending upon the location where it was caught. Raw shrimp are often referred to as “green” shrimp.

Shrimp are usually sold according to size or grade, or the number of shrimp per pound. The price varies according to size, which includes the largest or jumbo, 15 to the pound, to the smallest size, which is about 60 to the pound.

Boiling is the basic method of cooking raw shrimp. They may be boiled, then peeled; or they may be peeled, they boiled. More salt is needed if shrimp are boiled before peeling. Bring salted water to a boil, then add shrimp. Bring water again to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. The time is the same for peeled or unpeeled. After shrimp have cooled, remove shells and sand vein. Wash well and chill immediately.

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