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Hot Cider Cocktail Recipe

What better time to have a hot drink, or hot toddies.  With most of the U. S. in a cold snap.This hot cider cocktail will hit the spot every time. This is an easy hot cider cocktail recipe. Do you have a favorite hot toddy? If so let us know what is it. We’ll be […]

Reengineered Bourbon and Coke Recipe

  Bourbon and coke is as southern as grits, maybe more, it’s who you ask. When i was younger i drank a lot of bourbon and coke. Bourbon and coke is very popular with young drinkers because the strength and acquired taste of the whiskey is drowned in the ten ounces of cola. This cocktail […]

Mango Mint Tea Mojito Recipe

Summer is slowly winding down, and fall is right around the corner. I though we could look at having a nice cocktail for dinner. We are having a simple mojito recipe for our mixed drink. Mango mint tea mojito, is a refreshing combination of two delightful flavors in this fruity mango tea with just the […]

Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe

We are continuing our series of summertime recipes. Today’s tasty recipe is banana berry smoothie. I think Everone likes some type of smoothie, all you have to do is change the ingredients. There are all types of smoothie recipes, that can be found today. Smoothies are great anytime of the day. The good thing about […]