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In the shallow waters of bays, sounds, and channels scattered along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to Texas, travelers from inland areas have sometimes observed an unusual sight. A child attaches a large piece of meat to a string, drops it into the water, and jerks up a large crab whose pincers are clamped to the […]


Because the clam has been established in our minds as a chowder ingredient, many people do not realize the wide variety of other dishes which can be prepared with this popular shellfish. Like oysters, they are also enjoyed raw. Clams may be purchased fresh, canned, stock or frozen (already prepared by various methods) in most […]


Although there is a popular belief that oysters should only be eaten in months with names that contain an  ” r “, this is not entirely true. Due to advanced methods of food preservation, they are available ( and delicious ) year-round. Oysters may be bought in the shell, fresh or frozen, shucked, or canned. […]