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Ground Beef and Mac Recipe

  I hope everyone is enjoying this Sunday afternoon day. We had rain earlier in the day our garden was happy, we needed the rain. Today we are using hamburger to make a meal. I know a lot of people enjoy hamburger recipes. We will be adding some macaroni also. I think everyone will enjoy […]

Basic Grilled Hamburger Recipe

  How is everyone doing is fine May day? I hope everything is well and you’re having a good day. I thought today we could learn some easy grilled hamburger recipes. I think pretty much everybody can enjoy a good grilled burger, I know I can. Grilling hamburger recipes are simple and straightforward. Today were […]

Meatball Sliders Recipe

This is a great recipe for all occasions. If you are having a party, get-to-gather, after school, diner anything this is a good recipe to have on hand. This is a recipe my wife uses some for family get-to-gathers, and other occasions. The point being is everyone will enjoy this meatball sliders recipe. So give […]

Ground Beef Calzones

This recipe is a touch of Italy, if cooked right. This ground beef calzone is packed with cooked ground beef, cheese and the flavor is so intense people will think your Italian! This a dish that anyone should be able to cook and prepare in their very own kitchen Ingredients: 1 (3.5-ounce) package Pepperoni slices 1/2 […]