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Watermelons ( How To Grow, Care For, Pick, And Cut )

Having success growing watermelons in pots starts before you even plant your watermelon seeds watermelon seeds. Next thing select a container or you can use a cell-pack. If you use a cell-pack get one with a heat mat and use a good soilless mix to start your seeds in. Now, select a container that will […]

Mixed-Berry Ceviche

Today we are continuing with our summer theme of recipes, to both eat and drink. Today we are going to make something with a Latin American twist. Today’s recipe is called mixed berries ceviche. Today’s ceviche recipe is a very quick and easy recipe to follow, it takes only 20 minutes time. More to the […]

Baked Figs Recipe

We have a large fig tree in our back yard. Every August thur September we have fresh figs. We have fig bars, fig cookies, we have canned figs, we freeze figs. We even have fresh figs off of the tree, i have a baked fig recipe for you to end the end. After you have […]

Apple Dumpling Recipe

This is a great apple dumplings meat you can prepare ahead of time. The apple dumplings sauce with this old fashioned apple dumplings meal is out-of-this-world good. This is a very easy apple dumplings meal, you can have this anytime you like. Try this great meal and let me know how- much- you- like- it! […]