Booyah Stew Recipe

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and it’s time to start thinking about cold weather and having some comfort foods ready to eat. How about a Wisconsin Classic Booyah Stew?

Booyah (also spelled booya, bouija, boulyaw, or bouyoy) is a thick stew of probable Belgian origin made with meat and vegetables  throughout the Upper Midwestern U.S.   Booyah can require up to two days and multiple cooks to prepare; it is cooked in specially designed “booyah kettles” and usually meant to serve hundreds or even thousands of people. Booyah is often prepared with several different meats.

Have you ever eaten a bowl full of Booyah Stew? Better yet, have you ever been to a Booyah? That’s right. This fun-to-say word is both a stew and an event, mostly making their appearances in northern and northeastern Wisconsin, parts of Minnesota, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. of

I have friends who I’ve heard talking about the Booyah and how much fun it is! A few years ago some of these same friends ivited us to theirs. When invited the only answer was a loud YES! Do you have a Booyah story? If so please let us hear about it.


4 beef bones

1-1/2 lb. beef stew meat, cut into 1 inch cubes

4 medium onions, chopped

5 ribs of celery, chopped

1 whole chicken, cut into pieces

2 bay leaves

1/2 tbsp. salt

1/2 tbsp. cracked black pepper

5 large carrots, trimmed and chopped

4 large tomatoes, chopped

2 cups of corn kernels

1 cup of peas

10 red potatoes, skin on and chopped

1 large lemon, juiced

1/2 tbsp. worchestershire sauce

1 tbsp. soy sauce


chopped flat leaf parsley

oyster crackers


  1. Always begin by having all of your ingredients ready. Begin by getting your stock pot ready. To a large soup pot, heated on medium to high heat, add in the beef bones, and begin to brown them a bit, only for a few minutes. To this add in about half of the chopped onions. Stir for a minute or two, and then add in your bay leaves. Now is time to add in the water. Add about 12 cups of water. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, and bring to a boil.
  2. Once your mixture has boiled, add in the stew meat, and the chicken pieces, and simmer for about two hours. Make sure you have enough water to cover all of the meat. If it is not covered, simply add a bit more. As the meat is cooking, skim off any of the junk that floats to the top and discard.
  3. After two hours, remove all of the meat with a large slotted spoon, or spider skimmer and place in a large bowl. Skim off any remaining junk floating at the top, but keep the beef bones in the broth.
  4. Now, it is time to begin adding the vegetables, one type at a time.
  5. Begin by adding the potatoes and carrots, cooking about 15 minutes. Next, the onions and celery, cooking another 15 minutes, then add in the corn. After about 5 minutes, toss in the green beans. Add in the chopped tomatoes, give a good mix, and season with a bit more salt and pepper. Continue to simmer the stew for about 10 minutes.
  6. During this time, remove the skin from the cooked chicken, and begin shredding the chicken, as well as the beef stew meat. Once all of the meat has the fat removed, and it back into the soup pot.
  7. Give a good stir, bring back to temperature, and continue cooking on low heat for about 30 minutes.
  8. Just before you are ready to serve, add in the juice of the lemon, the soy sauce, and the worchestershire sauce. Give a good stir. Removet he beef bones and discard.
  9. Ladle a good amount into your favorite soup bowls, sprinkle a bit of chopped parsley, and serve the booyah with a nice handful of oyster crackers on the side as well as a lemon wedge.

Servings: 10 to 12

Prep. Time: About 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 7 Hours, 35 minutes

Total Time: About 7 Hours, 45 minutes





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