About Me

I’ve been selling on the internet for about seven years. I first started selling on ebay. I  started selling things from around the house. Then i ask friends and family if they had anything that they wanted to sell. This finally started going dry.

So i started looking at selling used books. They are easily found, and cheap. From this i started making good money. Now i’m selling on Amazon and making a very good living.

I started cooking and learning things around the kitchen when i was very young. I started following my dad around the kitchen asking questions about this and that and learning from my mistakes and errors. After a little while dad started letting to some cooking, from this i learned to live and enjoy cooking. Also getting enjoyment from people their appetites for good cooking being meet.

I went to several cooking schools while in the service. This is where i learned baking theory, bread production, baking skills and cooking techniques and a lot more. From this training i became a professional chef and started cooking. I have been cooking for 47 years i have started writing cookbooks. I have started this blog to help people with their cooking, baking, pastry and other cooking needs.