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Ragu Rich and Meaty No Boiling Lasagna Recipe

This is a fast and very easy lasagna recipe. This with meat lasagna recipe is a no lose recipe. You can prepare this lasagna recipe the day before, to have for the next days meal. After you and your family have fallen in love with this recipe. You let me know how much you liked […]

French Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Beef bourguignon is a classic French recipe. This French recipe transforms a cut of beef into a rich stew seasoned with bacon and a very  generous pour of red wine. If you like you can use this recipe beef bourguignon slow cooker. Or better yet, this one beef bourguignon crock pot. Anyway you want to […]

Lamb and Rosemary with Anchovies

You will want to  prepare this lamb rosemary recipe for dinner. If you like you can alleviate the anchovies with this lamb recipe. If you like you can use this as a slow cooker lamb recipe. If you prefer you could substitute the garlic for the anchovies and you would have a rosemary garlic lamb […]

Italian Cream Cake with Frosting Recipe

This Italian cream cake recipe is very easy to follow. If you love to bake you will enjoy making this Italian cream cake. You will need to bookmark this quick Italian cream cake recipe for future reference. You can also add chocolate if you like for a chocolate Italian cream cake. You can make this […]

Garden Sausage Casserole Recipe

I cooked this sausage casserole for the first the other night. The family loved it, we are going to try it as a breakfast sausage casserole next. Then we could call it an egg sausage casserole. I will let you know how good our egg cheese sausage casserole for breakfast was. You can use either […]