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Dips and Sauces

Many fish and seafood dishes are cooked in sauces, or have spices and herbs added later for flavoring. Seafood, especially, is often used for cocktails. Sauces for shrimp, lobster, or crab cocktails may range from the mild to the very hot and spicy. Poached, fried, or baked fish and shellfish can always be improved with […]

Miscellaneous Fish

In the past, certain varieties of fish could only be obtained at the market during certain times of the year. Today, fish can be purchased in almost any stage of preparation-fresh, frozen, cleaned, dressed, filleted, or even cut into steaks. Whichever fish the cook prefers, they should select one with bright, clear, bulging eyes, reddish-pink […]


Tuna is a familiar item in almost every American home. Canned tuna is available in three different styles of pack: fancy or solid, chuck-style, and flaked or grated. Tuna is most commonly packed in oil, although it may be packed in water. Some of the speciality packs include a solid-meat tuna packed in olive oil […]


Shrimp are among the most popular of our shellfish; they are tender and white-meated and have a distinctive flavor. Today they are available fresh, frozen, cooked, canned, and freeze dried. The various kinds of shrimp, which varies from a greenish gray to reddish brown, depending upon the location where it was caught. Raw shrimp are […]


It is said that scallops are named for the characteristic scalloped edges of the shells in which they are generally served. These shells are often used for individual baking dishes since they can withstand the heat of the oven. Bay scallops are small and dainty, and have a more delicate flavor than sea scallops, and […]

Picking Blackberries

Our blackberries have started to get ripe. We have blackberries in both our front and back yards. I’m had about 4 pickings so far. We’ve already had raspberry picking, 3 weeks ago. Our blueberries are just starting to get ripe. So it wont be long till I can start picking blueberries. All of these berries […]


The lobster is known as the “king of the shellfish,” so take great care to treat him royally when he becomes your dinner. Frozen or canned lobster is available, but fresh is an ultimate taste treat. To prepare a fresh lobster, remove and discard the black intestinal vein and the small stomach sac. Also, throw […]


In the shallow waters of bays, sounds, and channels scattered along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to Texas, travelers from inland areas have sometimes observed an unusual sight. A child attaches a large piece of meat to a string, drops it into the water, and jerks up a large crab whose pincers are clamped to the […]


Because the clam has been established in our minds as a chowder ingredient, many people do not realize the wide variety of other dishes which can be prepared with this popular shellfish. Like oysters, they are also enjoyed raw. Clams may be purchased fresh, canned, stock or frozen (already prepared by various methods) in most […]


We are starting to paint the outside of our house today. This is one thing that I don’t really like doing, but it has to be done. I am looking forward to climbing up and down and back again on a ladder. By doing this I will have a lot-of-fun with my lower back, it […]


Although there is a popular belief that oysters should only be eaten in months with names that contain an  ” r “, this is not entirely true. Due to advanced methods of food preservation, they are available ( and delicious ) year-round. Oysters may be bought in the shell, fresh or frozen, shucked, or canned. […]

This is my Third Blog Post

Getting ready to get off of the computer. I am going to go outside and water our garden. Then I’m going to watch the NBA finals, game two. ShareTweetPinShare+1Share0 Shares

This is my Second Blog Post

This is my second blog post. After doing the onions, my wife and I went outside.  She went swimming, and I cleaned out our baby pool. The baby pool is for our dogs, we have four. After cleaning the pool I want swimming. ShareTweetPinShare+1Share0 Shares

This is my First Blog Post

Hi everyone, this is my first blog post. Yesterday I sliced and cut 100 pounds of onions. My wife and i made batter to freeze onion rings. This made about 8 bags. The rest me sliced and froze. This will taste very good this winter. ShareTweetPinShare+1Share0 Shares